Saturday, April 05, 2008

wes craven (whom i love)

is filming a movie in connecticut! why there's such a big uproar over filming a horror movie is BEYOND me.

Wes Craven To Film Horror Movie In Former Tolland High School
Courant Staff Writers
Not surprisingly, Wes Craven likes red sauce on his spaghetti.That's the way the horror movie maestro ordered it when he stopped for a bite locally last month, ahead of ironing out the deal signed Wednesday with the town to film part of his next fright feature, "25/8," at the former high school on Old Cathole Road..........
...........Writer/director Craven and his crew of 80 or so plan to begin work on "25/8" inside and outside the vacant building April 14. He'll pay the school district $37,000 plus expenses for the privilege, Superintendent William Guzman said Thursday.The movie, written by Craven, is about a serial killer who stalks seven teenagers born the night the killer purportedly died 15 years earlier.Craven's Stamford movie company, Lucky Cricket Productions, has assured the school board that violent scenes would not be filmed at the school and a fictitious town name will be used. Filming also takes place in New Milford and Stamford.Scenes shot here will show "kids doing normal kid things," film location manager Mike Nickodem said Thursday. Characters will be filmed in the halls, at biology class and on the soccer field."Nothing on the campus that is going to be done is an untoward event," said Guzman who prefers a "good drama" to a horror flick...........

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