Wednesday, April 02, 2008

a big ol' shout out to bill earls

i was reading buzzflash when i came across an article he wrote. a GREAT, ON THE MARK, SINCERE, INSIGHTFUL article. a truthful and sad article.

the only thing i would have done differently is cram in the article SOMEWHERE, 'da liebs is a GIANT STEAMIN' PILE O' SHITE'. the end

Bill Earls: Joe Lieberman's hypocrisy and the Hartford Courant's irony
Credit the Hartford Courant's layout editors with a sense of cruel irony.On Monday's front page, there was a four column photograph of Mrs. Autumn Letendre helping her son Dillon, 4, press his hands into cement at the dedication of a New Britain, CT park named in honor of his father, Captain Brian Letendre, who was killed in Iraq.Just to the right of that was the headline "Lieberman's Pain." It was a tie-in to a story about how badly our junior Senator feels about today's political climate.I wanted to reach for the airsick bag and, had Joe Lieberman been nearby, I'd have been tempted to hit him with a rock and say, "Feel some real pain, you hypocrite."Let's walk through it slowly, using short words so that even people who think Lieberman speaks for decency, honor, or common sense can understand.Go online and punch in "Marine, Brian Letendre," and read the many stories and tributes; you'll be awed, impressed, and incredibly saddened. Letendre was a genuine hero, a genuine patriot. We do not have enough people like this. We never will. Letendre was popular in high school, a college soccer star, the kind of boys other boys are drawn to, that girls with values -- honor, integrity, decency -- are drawn to. And he joined the Marines, maybe the world's finest fighting force, because the Marines, above, all represent and live by that warrior code that stresses brotherhood and integrity. He married his college girlfriend, and their son Dillon was born while his dad was on his first tour of Iraq during the invasion of 2003.Go online and punch in "Lieberman." An early track record of supporting Democratic issues - education initiatives, programs to lift people out of poverty, government that helped people -- and then sometime around 9/11, he went dark. By fall 2002, when the Bush Administration began lying about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein and wrongly connecting Hussein with the 9/11 attacks, Lieberman was one of the most prominent people buying into it. (Hillary Clinton bought into the same nonsense, and so did John McCain -- so, unfortunately, did most newspaper editors.)...................

my original posting on Captain Brian Letendre

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