Thursday, April 10, 2008

more on justin goodman, peta, animal experiments

at unconn. this time from
PETA Calls For Investigation Into UConn Cat Experiment
Activists: Animal Died After Holes Were Drilled Into Head

STORRS, Conn. -- Animal activities claim an experiment at the University of Connecticut resulted in the death of a cat.
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals filed a seven-page complaint to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, asking it to investigate possible violations of the Animal Welfare Act at UConn.
Justin Goodman, an animal lover, PETA employee and UConn grad student, said a whistleblower came to him in January and told him a cat bled to death following an experiment on campus.
"They were drilling a hole into her skull so that they could place electrodes directly onto her brain," he said. "And while they were drilling a hole, she had a brain hemorrhage and started bleeding out and died."
He said news of the possible experiment gone bad was alarming.
"When you hear something terrible like a cat bleeding to death after having a hole drilled into her skull, obviously anyone would be taken aback," Goodman said............


wtnh, channel 8
PETA wants investigation at UConn
By News Channel 8's Bob Wilson
(WTNH) _ The University of Connecticut is responding to PETA's call for a federal investigation into research conducted on cats.
Justin Goodman investigates labs for PETA. He says an anonymous whistle blower came forward saying a cat was killed prematurely during medical research on hearing at UConn.
"These people are supposed to know what they are doing, and here they are drilling a hole into a cats head and she bleeds out, and has a brain hemorrhage before they can even conduct their experiment," Goodman said.
It is an experiment which is legal and funded by the government. UConn released a statement that says, "The PETA account, provided to the media, has several serious inaccuracies: the truth is that the cat in question was never paralyzed and did not bleed to death and the head veterinarian was present."...............

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