Wednesday, April 09, 2008

from the hartford advocate

a story on animal abuse featuring justin goodman
PETA member Justin Goodman says UConn has been drilling holes in the heads of cats

By Adam Bulger
PETA member and former University of Connecticut graduate student Justin Goodman is alarmed at what he says the school is doing with cats. Goodman, who made headlines (in publications that included this paper) in 2006 for exposing the treatment of Cornelius, a rhesus monkey used in experiments at UConn's Health Center, learned in January of UConn classes and experiments that he believes includes abusive and archaic practices.
An insider at UConn told Goodman about a study in the psychology department at the university's main campus in Storrs.
"This cat, who was being prepared for an experiment, she would have a hole drilled in her head [and] would be put in a sound-proof box for two to four days," Goodman said. "They would put electrodes in her brain and collect electrophysiological recordings from single neurons in her brain."............

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