Thursday, April 10, 2008

big baby

turns out it was YOUR own fault all along da liebs
again, BIG BABY

FBI: Lieberman campaign to blame for crash to its Web site

By Editor, on Apr 9, 2008

Stamford (AP)– Federal investigators have concluded that U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s 2006 re-election campaign caused the crash of its Web site the day before the Democratic primary with Ned Lamont.
The FBI says it has found no evidence supporting the Lieberman campaign’s allegations that Lamont supporters were to blame for the Web site crash.
Lieberman had implied that was hacked by Lamont supporters.......

and THIS interesting tidbit:
Okay, Lamont Didn’t Crash the Servers. But What Did Lieberman Do with His $387,000 Slush Fund?
By: emptywheel

In thoroughly unsurprising news today, the Ned Lamont campaign was cleared of any wrong-doing in the crash of Lieberman's server leading up to primary day in 2006. The Stamford Advocate reports that the FBI determined--way back on October 25, 2006--that Lieberman's campaign bears all responsibility for the server crash.
Case closed, right?
No. Not on the outstanding legal issues arising from the campaign, anyway.
As you might recall, the Lamont campaign
filed an FEC complaint, coincidentally just two days before the whole server crash case was closed in October 2006, noting that Joe Lieberman had a campaign finance entry for "petty cash" expenditures that were way beyond the legal limits: $387,000 of "petty cash."
The Friends of Joe Lieberman committee, and Joseph I. Lieberman, individually have violated the clear and unambiguous terms of 11 C.F.R. §102.11 in at least the following three ways.
First, according to the FEC October Quarterly report filed on October 13, 2006, the Lieberman campaign has petty cash disbursements amounting to $387,561.00, which is roughly 8 percent of its total disbursements, or one out of every twelve dollars spent. On several occasions, petty cash disbursements greater than $100 were reported, as supposed payment for “volunteers.” As summary of these disbursements from the Friends of Joe Lieberman report are attached hereto. These disbursements reflect patent violations of 11 C.F.R. §102.11..........

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