Thursday, February 07, 2008

west hartford taxes

this article is eye opening. why would ONE person's home go up 184% and another, whose house is HUGE and in an EXCLUSIVE neighborhood only go up an insignificant amout? the bigger home was worth more than the lesser home at the beginning, but at the end of the re-evaluation, it was worth LESS* than the smaller home in a less exclusive neighborhood? (my father's home went up an incredible amout as well. i don't have the info in front of me but if my mind serves me, i believe it went up almost as much as 184%). seems the RICH KEEP GETTING RICHER and the little peeps gotta pay the piper even though EVERYONE danced, not just them (*when i say worth less, i don't mean that literally. i mean it's TAXED at a lesser rate)
well mr kennedy, i do feel for you. i feel for my soon to be 81 year old father as well

Thursday, February 07, 2008 West Hartford Reval Madness Rates for a tiny house on the water go up 184 percent
Jennifer Abel
Some West Hartford residents think the town is jacking up property tax bills based on subjective factors, like the relative prettiness of a view from the backyard.
"They ran up the assessment because of my 'water view,'" said George Kennedy, who lives in the 2,100-square-foot Cape house where he spent his childhood. It's a nice house, but nothing spectacular, especially by West Hartford standards.
His three-quarter-acre lot hugs the edge of Woodridge Lake, which is 450 feet wide where Kennedy's land borders it. On the lake's opposite shore sits Tunxis Road, and if you like the way sunlight glitters off the windshield of tractor-trailers zooming down a busy thoroughfare, you'll agree the view from Kennedy's backyard is gorgeous........

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