Tuesday, February 05, 2008

we knew something was going on at bishop's corner

when we found out they didn't renew (the VERY popular) macaroni grill's license. westfarms, the center, black and blue square (which i spit on) and now a revitalized bishop's corner. it's already fairly difficult to find a parking place there on EITHER side by whole foods or marshall's. the foodmart/post office side isn't quite so bad, but i have a feeling it WILL be. we'll see what they do. i'll wait to make my judgement

Bishops Corner: Plans For Fresh Face
In 1953, Lord & Taylor opened its first store outside the New York area at a quiet crossroads known as Bishops Corner, bringing with it big-city glitz, glamour and fashion.The center created a retail buzz and drew shoppers from all over Greater Hartford. It spawned a wave of retail development and the rise of the suburban mall in the area as people and commerce headed out Albany Avenue from the city.Now, 55 years later, can this aging, tired shopping center create magic again — this time in a mature suburb?The owner of what was once Lord & Taylor — now a Marshalls — and a retail and office complex next door is expected to unveil plans as soon as this spring for a major redevelopment of the two properties, which could include the demolition of the half-empty Marshalls building and adjoining parking deck.The developer, Edens & Avant, isn't giving details. But early talks with town officials — who will help shape the plans — point to a walkable "town center" with small shops and one or two large anchor tenants. The project could cost as much as $100 million, town officials said.........


Greg said...

The term "Walkable Town Center" will be synonymous with "Strip Mall" in about 2 years' time.

Good riddance to Macaroni Grill, though -- that joint had gone seriously downhill in the last year or two.

a rose is a rose said...

greg, the center is either going to go the way of a strip mall OR worse. get MORE exclusive than it already is. force almost ALL of the stores out due to high rents, etc. then turn into a GHOST TOWN