Wednesday, February 06, 2008

do we really want our

local police departments to be migra? i know i sure as shite DO NOT. i want them to be POLICE NOT immigration enforcers.

i appear to be in the minority in the united states. i really don't hold immigration as top priority. i really don't hold with the notion immigrants (yes, even ILLEGAL ONES) are bringing our nation to it's knees. (guess who i hold responsible for THAT feat? yeah, king george and his ENTIRE COURT).

if we could just concentrate on GOOD SOLID POLICING - protecting and serving the public (ALL of the public) then the world would be a far better place. how about protecting us from domestic abuse? how about protecting us from home invasions (i really HATE that term. when the hell did we start using 'home invasion' any damn way???)? how about answering our 911
calls in a matter of seconds? how about assisting us in all the ways you are SUPPOSED to?

Connecticut City Plans to Team Its Police With Federal Immigration Agents

DANBURY, Conn. — When baseball season begins, Mayor Mark D. Boughton will probably throw out the first pitch again for this city’s Dominican baseball team. On Sundays, he sometimes can be found on the sidelines at the soccer games organized by many of the ethnic communities here. And he makes it a point to be at the annual Hajj festival held by the sizable Muslim population.
But on Wednesday night, Mr. Boughton, who governs a city of nearly 80,000 residents — 90,000 when illegal immigrants are included — and the Common Council are expected to approve a plan that would require the local police to work with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in rounding up workers who are in the country illegally.
“The intention is to target criminal aliens,” the mayor said in an interview. “It’s not going to be the horrible thing the opponents think it’s going to be. On the other side, it’s not the sweeps and roundups the far right want it to be.”......

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