Friday, December 07, 2007

hey st. francis, 'prompt and fair'

would have been to actually DO SOMETHING (other than slap his wrist) YEARS ago when you were FIRST AWARE of the inner workings of reardon. you (st. francis) are personally VERY LUCKY i was not a victim of reardon's at the hospital. if i was, i would do everything in my power to make you pay

(i wouldn't have been angry at the hospital if they didn't know. really, i wouldn't have. but after the complaints started coming in, ALL they did was dismiss him. they also DISCOURAGED a further investigation into reardon by the authorities)

St. Francis Places Ad Regarding Child Pornography Case
St. Francis Hospital placed a full-page ad in a newspaper offering a phone number for victims in a West Hartford child pornography case.
A few weeks ago, more than 50,000 images of child pornography were found in a prominent doctor’s former home.................

.................In the ad, St. Francis said they have created a dedicated, confidential phone number for individuals and families who felt like they were victims of Reardon’s behavior. That number is 877-288-5774.
They also said in the ad, “We will be exploring alternatives to resolving this matter in a way that will be prompt and fair to all parties and consistent with our mission of providing superior care that is always above ethical reproach.” ..........

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