Wednesday, December 12, 2007

some incredibly disturbing news

from the brass file by john murry (who did a great reporting job on this)
(via andy thibault the cool justice report who has written many great articles on this)

(to the smolinskis, i am constantly keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, i am speechless. i am greatly disturbed about this. i am in disbelief about this. i am wondering what sort of attorney took her case? i am wondering how these people sleep at night. i had better stop now )
December 2007 - A Punch In The Face
In A Bizarre Twist, Billy Smolinski's ex-girlfriend, Madeleine Gleason, sues the Smolinski family, and The Waterbury ObserverColumn By John Murray
How much abuse can Janice and Bill Smolinski take?The Waterbury Police Department failed them, the political process is messing with their heads, and now they find themselves trapped in a lawsuit filed by their son’s ex-girlfriend that amounts to legalized extortion. This extraordinary story began three years ago when Janice and Bill’s 31-year-old son disappeared in Waterbury. The Smolinskis were unable to get local authorities to treat the situation seriously, and their own efforts to find Billy have been thwarted by sloppy police work, bungled science, and a national missing person network with holes large enough for a herd of elephants to stampede through.Everywhere they turned for help they crashed into a wall of incompetence. Their faith in the system is shattered.“ Everything that could go wrong in this case has gone wrong,” Janice Smolinski said. “Everything.”..........

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