Sunday, December 02, 2007

a shout out to the builders association of eastern connecticut

for helping cpl chris strickland come to a real HOME
Volunteers renovating home for injured Waterford Soldier
by News Channel 8's Crystal Haynes
Waterford (WTNH) _ A project is underway to help make life better for a soldier in Waterford who was injured in Iraq. Army Cpl. Chris Strickland's home is being retro fitted, so he can continue his recovery at home. Every cut, screw and plank in place on the new deck is bringing Cpl. Strickland closer to coming home to his family. He's spent the last year recovering at Walter reed medical center after being injured in Iraq.
"I went through 30 surgeries and then my hand still didn't work so I had to amputate it. And for the past seven or eight months I've been trying to adapt to having just one hand," said Cpl. Strickland. "Probably the hardest thing I ever went through. You don't realize how much having both hands really helps until you don't have one."
Cpl. Strickland also sustained serious injury to his legs and has lost sight in his right eye. Before he can come home, his house needs modifications including a deck, ramp and fencing in the yard for a new guide dog.
That's where the Builders Association of Eastern Connecticut comes in, they are renovating Strickland's home for free with materials donated by local businesses.
"He's over there doing this stuff for our safety and our freedom and I thin it's the least that we can do to help and give back to him," said volunteer, Tim Applegate........

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