Friday, October 19, 2007

just a bit more on jason lantieri

the courant published this lovely piece this morningi certainly wish they didn't HAVE to though (what i mean is i wish they didn't have a REASON to publish it)

One End To Soldier's Two Lives
By JESSE HAMILTON Courant Staff Writer
KILLINGWORTH - Jason Lantieri was 25, but he lived two lives.Troubled youth and successful student. Ward of the state and beloved son. Soldier and charming rogue. The man who grew up in Killingworth was always of two worlds.Now, he's in the granite garden of Evergreen Cemetery. And, for so many, he's a prized memory.
Sgt. Lantieri died last week after a trucking accident south of Baghdad. He was buried Thursday in the town that hosted his rebirth. The people of Killingworth came out, mixing with uniformed troops and veterans. The damp-eyed hundreds gave Lantieri the burial of a hero - a tragic and lofty day for a man whose childhood left him with so much to overcome.The native of Waterbury was 11 when the state took custody of him from his mother. He had a difficult start, a boyhood suspended in the state's foster care system. But the Miller family of Killingworth soon took him in. They would have adopted the boy known as "Jay," they said, but his mother was still alive then. So before Lantieri was grown, he knew what it was to live on two sides of a rift.......

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