Monday, October 15, 2007

the BEST (non) hamburger i EVER had

was at plan b at one way fare in simsbury. FINALLY they got it over at plan b in west hartford (park road). i stopped for lunch TWICE last week.

it's a bella burger (actually three LITTLE bella burgers). they're unlike any bella sandwich i have ever had before. they are NOT the whole cap grilled. the portabellas are FINELY chopped and mixed with goddess only knows what. they ARE divine. i highly recommend them


Anonymous said...

Looks delish!!!! I'm hoping you put ketchup on those fries and some fruit in that swamp green cocktail after takin' the picture? We'll have to meet there soon....dying to try it.

a rose is a rose said...

that was taken at the west hartford one (they FINALLY got some of the simsbury stuff on the menu) but we can meet at the simsbury one. OFF HOURS. it gets crowded!

oh, i'm gonna get more ink from paulie's son....