Monday, October 15, 2007

i too would be all over those 'ghost busters'

devils possessing a young child indeed! i hope carl glatzel Jr absolutely positively WINS his case against them ALL. how horrid he and his brother (and the whole family for that matter) had to go through this shite

`Factual' Exorcism Book Evokes Past Pain

By MELISSA PIONZIO Courant Staff Writer
Having a younger brother who suffered from delusions and seizures was hard enough for Carl Glatzel Jr., but then came the priests and a well-known ghost-hunting couple who deemed then-11-year-old David Glatzel to be possessed by demons. Carl Glatzel, now 42, says he was unable to protect his brother in 1981 when David underwent several rites of exorcism, or in 1983 when a book detailing the supposed affliction was first printed. But after the book was reprinted in 2006, he decided it was time to fight back. "It makes me furious," he said of the book's republishing. "It took me 20 years to build my [construction] business up. Now we are not going to have it thrown away because of something that is not really true."............


Anonymous said...

Oh please, what rubbish ! they know it was all true. They're just trying to get a publisher for their new book. Which is totally filled with garbage and fabricated lies. And has no crediability what so ever.

a rose is a rose said...

so they were possessed by the devil? that's the TRUE part? i think someone took one too many hits of acid, didn't one?

Anonymous said...

Carl Glatzel wasnt it true your own mother went on national TV... I saw her on the Merv Griffin show sitting side by side Ed and Lorraine Warren and also on the cover of peoples magazine?
Our you doing this do help others or is it just another one of your money making scams.because you sound more like you should be on the cover of the national enquirer

a rose is a rose said...

i'm leaving your comments up anon just to show how ignorant you are. i don't know what sort of adults the glatzels turned into. i DO know, no KID has DEMONS IN THEM. i DO know, no kid deserves 'exorcism'. i DO know ghost hunters are the ones OUT FOR THE BUCKS AND ATTENTION. i do know YOU have it all wrong

Anonymous said...

Im sorry Rose, but you sound to me
like you dont know what your talking about? Let's forget about the Glatzel's. Let's talk about the Bible. Stop me if I'm wrong... but didn't Jesus Christ himself cast out demons? So in order to cast something out, dosen't mean that it got in. So I would strongly urge you try reading it (the Bible)before telling others
"no KID has DEMONS IN THEM. i DO know, no kid deserves 'exorcism'"

a rose is a rose said...

the bible was written BY MAN FOR MAN. i have read it.

i read the passage where the father offers up his daughters FOR RAPE so the 'angels' also in his house won't be hurt. i read about not eating shell fish. i read about women not wearing red. i read about turning the other cheek and then i read about an eye for an eye.

let's just say i believed what i read in the bible. JESUS IS ONE THING, HUMAN BEINGS CLAIMING TO BE ABLE TO 'CAST OUT THE DEVIL' are entirely another.

why don't you consult a therapist. it appears you need one

Anonymous said...

Don't bother to comment unless you have witnessed people or objects levitating and objects that become animated in front of people such as priest, doctors,therapist,psychiatrist.Speaking in foreign tongues,physical body appearance change. I know you've been there right? And you as a Pagan, have all the answers. And it's your way or no way. Correct. Is that what your saying?

a rose is a rose said...

no, it's NOT my way or the highway. however my way is JUST as VALID as anyone else's - in some cases MORE so.

i have seen things that cannot be explained by the way. however, i firmly believe the ONLY thing that can harm us is each other. i am not a disbeliever in phenomenon. i am a disbeliever in the devil.

and i was raised a catholic by the way. i left when i started to realize their god (as well as the god of many other religions) was not a kind and merciful one. he was a vengeful one. only those that believed in the one true way (muslims, catholics, etc - they are almost all the same) will be saved. that's a bunch of shite. and women? forget about treating them with any equality or understanding. did you know priests USED to be able to marry (lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng ago)? want to know why they can't now? because if they died, their wife could lay claim to property. that's a no no in the catholic church now (as i'm sure you know).

didn't your god say something like, judge not lest YE be judged? you don't know me.

Anonymous said...

There is only one God, no matter what religion you are. I am not here to judge you or anyone else.But tell me if you believe there is no Devil, do you as a person believe there is a God, creator of Heaven and Earth? Can their be good without evil? That is the question. Does evil excist without reprocussion? What is your feedback on that out take.

a rose is a rose said...

i choose to belive in god. i see her as good. all good. there IS both good and evil in the world. i never questioned that. WE, human beings are responsible for both. we are destroying ourselves. we have free will yet we kill in the name of god, in the name of power.

i choose to believe in god by the way, just like everyone else. OUT OF FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN

Anonymous said...

Comment from: Pauline [Visitor]
After reading all the blogs and messages Carl Glatzel and his boyfriend Corey Francis? have plastered all over the internet, it is clear their whole act is a scam. Someone somewhere called Glatzel a "professional victim", and that's exactly what's going on here. On the other hand, reading all these rantings and ravings and over-the-top accusations put out by this pair, I think it's pretty probable we're dealing with people who might well be mentally ill, and the best thing would be to ignore them. From what I can tell Carl seems pretty unstable, while his friend or collaborator is just exploiting him. Which makes the idea of them doing this for money make total sense. As for Lorraine Warren, I have read in at least a dozen places that she absolutely denies being a demonologist and claims to only be a psychic instead. Furthermore, the fact that she is (allegedly) represented by the William Morris Agency only lends credibility to her. After twenty or thirty years in this business, you'd expect her to be with the best. If she was a fake or a fraud they would have dropped her like a hot rock. In fact if you asked, you'd probably find out that Lorraine Warren is the victim of two or three 'celebrity scams' a year and what's being put out here is just the latest one.

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a rose is a rose said...

i'm done commenting on this one (myself). i have my beliefs and no one will change them

Anonymous said...

Look Everyone Found this on there website.
by Francis Richards and Carl Glatzel Jr. with David Glatzel

The Devil in Connecticut family. The family has sadly been divided(not really true) but who cares sounds better that way,,, for many years before I even met Carl. I understand their need to use me as a scapegoat, so to be honest I am not surprised. I am in the business of helping families, not dividing them.
How Ever I want you to know that
I formed CGFX LLC. with the soul
purpose of making money
I'am not doing it because I care.
because if I cared it would not have needed to be turned into a company .
If they wish to place the blame on one person, I suggest starting with the people who chose to revive this when it should have remained dead and buried.

in Desperation, Judy Glatzel turned to Father James Dennis, the pastor at St. Joseph's Church in Brookfield center. Father Dennis, a well respected and elderly priest who had been pastor for several decades, listened to Judy's horrible accounts of the incidents taking place in the Glatzel home. Father Dennis had heard of such things before, but feared involvement due to the psychological toll he had taken from being involved in another exorcism a decade before. He was also planning to visit his mother in Ireland and was not sure if his health and stamina was prepared for what he knew needed to be done. He in turn contacted Ed and Lorraine Warren in neighboring Monroe, who he knew specialized in such strange occurrences and how to battle them. Also note the Glatzel's turned to the church.
Ed and lorriane didn't go banging on there door but thats a part we can skip over?

Anonymous said...

This Lawsuit is going down faster than the Titanic its got a lot more holes in it.

I would first like to commend you on your open letters to the
Warrens and others concerning Amityville. I find them to be
expertly written and a great source of information.

I am writing because I am faced with a similar problem and
was hoping you might have some thoughts or information on it.

I am currently working with a family member (Notice the word member was used not MEMBERS) remember folks It takes at least 2 for a lawsuit

who was exploited
in one of the Warren’s books, THE DEVIL IN CONNECTICUT back
in 1983. I assume you are at least familiar with this tale of
“possession” and “the Devil made me do it” ploy that was most
likely sparked by Amityville when it their attempt in court
didn’t turn full circle.

I kindly ask that before you read any further, please visit
the site I had quickly made in order to show certain
producers in Hollywood that this family member was quite
serious in not only setting the story straight, but exposing
the Warrens as well.

Again, I kindly ask you to visit the following site before
returning to this email:

Carl originally posted a review under the reprint of the
DEVIL IN CT at Amazon where he gave it one star,(actually he gave 5 stars)
called it a bunch of lies, and offered his email for anyone who wanted
the truth. Naturally, he was bombarded. I was one who
bombarded him with one email telling him about my involvement
with the Warrens and my efforts to expose them as frauds for
over ten years.

Carl, ultimately took his post off,

NO he didn't I saw it there today.

learning that even when
he tried telling the truth simply to clear his name, people
didn’t believe him, called him a disgruntled family member
who is crying “Hoax!” because he didn’t get his ‘fair share,’
or people simply stating that he was a liar and not even he
said he was.

One thing lead to another and Carl and I became Business partners He
supplied me with dozens of photographs and audio tapes he
took from the attic in the home in which they all lived
(which his still his legal address) which I have scanned and
captured. What they reveal is truly frightening but has
nothing to do with demons.

A certain group in Hollywood, who has purchased the movie
rights from author Gerald Brittle, and have now come across a
major stumbling block as they have a binding contract to
begin filming THE DEVIL IN CONNECTICUT this fall. That
obstacle is naturally us.

While I am not a published author or professional writer,
Carl Jr., who I find to be a honest and decent man (wink wink) has
already made it clear to them in negotiations that I will be
his author regardless of what they say or offer. I guess he
likes me and liked what he read at my out of date website. We
have had numerous conference calls with the producers who now
see a far more interesting side to this story; one of abuse,
greed, and brainwashing and are offering us every deal they
can think of to allow the picture to get made.

I have contracts on my desk I don’t even understand (I have a
lawyer looking them over) and I don’t know what anyone’s
intention is but Carl’s. Carl is successful and does not need
money. I recently gave him a copy of the book which he only
glanced through once when he was 18, and when he finished it
a day later he was “mummified.” He was also naturally hurt,
angered, and in utter disbelief. It all became clear to him
why the past 27 years have been an uphill struggle for him,
after all, he is the most nasty character in the book, as he
was “oppressed” by demons and the “Devil was working through
him to break down the family.” He was only a minor at the

Carl has his lawyers ready, and I convinced him that this
time that the lunacy that the Warrens call their ‘work’ needs
to be exposed, he has just the golden material to do just
that which I am know is custody of. There are no copies or
duplicates anywhere.

But because I posted this on the internet
The whole world will know (by the way that includes the legal system of the United States)

Hollywood is offering him a large percentage of the films
gross if he allows it to be shot, and then they promise to
get he and I a publisher to release a book exposing the whole
thing after the film has made his profits as a sort of
“spoiler”. Either they want to double dip or just shut him up
is unclear. It is all very confusing

Except to anyone who can read.

and I have entered a
world I am not so familiar with. One thing is for sure, they
are interested enough to be in contact with us at least every
other day.

The drama unfolds everyday. I receive hate mail (mostly from
his sister, (Lie)

She wrote him one time asking for
The photos and tape recordings Her and I made .(WHY) you might ask? because they do not belong to him.

who besides the Warren(s) is the head puppeteer).
Even as of yesterday, there are sneaky tactics being devised
to discredit Carl

Public Record so SNEAKY Thats why there Called PUBLIC

and has torn the family apart once again.
It is simply unbelievable what is happening.

I guess what I am asking you Scott, is if you have any
information, advice, or evidence that would help expose the
Warrens (other than the obvious). Carl simply wants to clear
his name, and while the web site may look like a book pitch
for simply trying to “cash in,” I hope you can see the
underlying importance of actually having a mainstream book
expose the Warrens and their likes. Carl figures that if
everyone is going to get rich off a lie based on him, not
only is he going to play hardball and do everything in his
power to expose it all, but he rightfully wishes to make
money as well, as he know realizes after reading the book how
many jobs he has lost over the last two decades once people
learned his last name and his relation to the DEMON MURDER

Incidentally, I did have the good fortune of speaking with
Mr. Kaplan shortly before his passing about the Warrens. He
had some very useful information and I found him to be an
intelligent, polite man with a good sense of humor. If he
were alive today I bet he would be onboard with this!

Finding people with your insight are difficult. I have
already interview several people for my research (including
the Chief Police Detective in Brookfield who knows the family
and what happened).

I apologize if this letter seems to be going nowhere, I am
just a little confused about what I am even asking you for. I
would welcome the opportunity to converse with you either
through email or via telephone. I will gladly leave you my
number below if you have the oppurtunity and would like to

Naturally, I needed a pen name, so I am Francis Richards. My
real name is Dick Zucker I am a xxxxxx worker and amateur xxxxxxx
in CT. However, no one knows my true identity at this time as
I have a family and am a little concerned about having dead
animals show up on my doorstep or worse, dealing with Runaway trains while being on the middle of tracks I politely ask that
in any correspondence you have, I hope you will keep me
anonymous or simply refer to me as Francis.

Thank you Scott for reading, and I hope to hear from you
soon. ANYTHING you have to offer would be beneficial in our

In the meantime, you may visit a parody site on the Warrens I
have had up for years at .
Maybe you will get a laugh out of it. or maybe The Warrens might counter sue me who knows?

You may also if you wish read an essay on magic and the
paranormal I wrote at:

Again, thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing
from you. Please keep up the good work.

My best regards,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is real! They`re just appearing in court to earn more money!

Anonymous said...


Any updates on this case ????
The world is waiting to hear the truth. its been 2 yrs and jack shit has happened