Friday, September 21, 2007

a nice little write up

about what andy thibault is doing (BUT SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO) because our constitutional rights are being slowly BUT surely taken away

if you're free on october 14th, why not attend the event at the litchfield inn?

"If You Stand Up, People Will Help Out"
A Ripple Effect in Reg. 10 Flap By Emily M. Olson Litchfield County Times09/20/2007LITCHFIELD - When Litchfield journalist Andy Thibault heard about Avery Doninger, a 17-year-old student at Lewis Mills High School in Burlington who was punished by school administrators for critical statements she made in a blog on an Internet Web page, he was outraged. And when the situation became a legal battle involving the student's First Amendment rights, he was disgusted and angry and wanted to do something. Now he's using that energy to help the Doninger family raise money to pay its continuing legal expenses to fight the Region 10 school district by organizing a fund-raiser at the Bistro East at the Litchfield Inn. On Oct. 14, "Poets and Writers for Avery: A Free Speech Festival" will be held involving Mr. Thibault's writer friends, including Wally Lamb, Ravi Shankar, Amy Ma, Franz Douskey, Rand Cooper, Jon Andersen, Ron Winter, Margo Schilpp, Oscar de los Santos and Luis Colavecchi. Five local bands have also been invited to perform. .............

......"We'll have a great time and we're doing something that's important," he said. "It's like a 'Field of Dreams,' -- if you stand up, people will help out."E-mail, or call 860-690-0211 for information and tickets. ...............

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