Sunday, September 16, 2007

this is a posting i found (by 'kitty')

about the polydongs cartoon AND about me. 'kitty' calls me some high school fuck-wit. I LOVE IT. i'd also love to set up a meeting with her. hey 'kitty', please contact me. i really WOULD love to meet face to face. we'll then see who the fuck wit REALLY IS. no threats here, i just want discussion. although i think one of us wouldn't have a prayer...........

My college paper manages to piss everyone off....again!

and here is what the lovely 'kitty' has to say about moi:

BOO to this idiot. I don't like censorship BUT ONLY WHEN IT'S THINGS I LIKE! If I hate it, then SHUT UP! The fact that her logo is a rose in the pentagram makes it far worse. I imagine her as some high-school liberal fuck-wit* whose only hating on authority cause it's "cool".

kitty i am BEGGING YOU, write to me to set up a meeting. and oh by the way 'kitty' i have a rose in a pentagram because my name is rose AND because (are you sitting down???) i'm a witch! wow huh?

p.s. please feel MORE than free to bring that ONE person you came across that MAY be latina.


Anonymous said...

please let me discourage you from voting.

a rose is a rose said...

you couldn't discourage me from a thing other than to ignore weasels (no offense to the animal) like you