Thursday, August 23, 2007


pilar maria aureliana buendias can rest easy now! (well at least where the appellate court of connecticut is concerned)
awwwwwww poor poor downey. it was a 'difficult time' for him (i do NOT blame his family though. the sins of the father are NOT my sins and all. so i DO have sympathy for them)

Rell Pulls Judge's Name
Downey Opts Out Of Appellate Bid


Gov. M. Jodi Rell withdrew her nomination of Judge John R. Downey to the Appellate Court on Wednesday, one day after Downey's views on illegal immigrants roiled his confirmation hearing.Downey asked Rell to withdraw his name in the face of a legislative inquiry about his statements in Superior Court that undocumented immigrants had no right to the state's civil courts."I respect Judge Downey's decision," Rell said in a terse statement released shortly before 6 p.m. "I'm sure it was a difficult one for him and his family."...........


Anonymous said...

Rose –

If you took a few minutes to peruse the wide variety of cases Judge Downey has heard over the past 6.5 years, you would see that there has been no systemic denial of rights, cases or justice by him. He has repeatedly held and presided over cases that involve people from all walks of life and all different ethnic backgrounds. In fact, he even speaks a fair amount of Spanish, and has used it in the courtroom to improve communication.

It is clear that the comments that have received so much attention in the past few days are the product of cherry picking politicians with other agendas and axes to grind, and it saddens me to see a good man chewed up and discarded by the political machine.

However, it is equally clear that you enjoy the cozy, little, knee-jerk judgment echo chamber you’ve constructed for yourself and would rather jump to quick conclusions rather than do a little independent research and critical thinking.

Finally, I would suggest you save your fake sympathy for your next target of shallow thinking. It fools no one.

a rose is a rose said...

seems like you're doing a pretty darn good job of judging me without knowing ME. takes one to know one i guess

(although you're right i don't know very much about the judge other than what i read in the papers)

Anonymous said...

Rose -

There was only only one paragraph in my comment that refers to you. The posts you have made on this issue led me to that conclusion. Prove me wrong.

a rose is a rose said...


but i will say this, i had a friend who was from (BORN) hawaii. she moved here to attend college (brown) and stayed (connecticut). she was called for jury duty and the judge asked her if she was an american citizen (not downey, that i'm aware of). that pissed me off and it was MANY years ago. i've been called for jury duty many times and never once been asked if i was a citizen (i believe it is on the little notice they send you when you're called up, but i was never asked by the judge when i appeared in court). oh my friend was of asian heritage.

i believe the instances the paper printed about judge downey. he can speak spanish all he wants but if he's denying people their rights, i have an issue with that. if he's asking someone with brown skin if they are a citizen and not asking me if i am one, i have a problem with that. by the way my name is much closer to pilar than it is to suzie

some people MUST be citizens above suspicion.