Wednesday, August 22, 2007

this to me is not only unbelievable


four teenagers SHOOTING BB GUNS at passing cars - hitting a police car AND jeff hawke IN THE EYE (blinding him in that eye, perhaps temporarily perhaps for good) AND three of them GET PROBATION AND HAVE TO WRITE AN ESSAY? (the fourth is yet to come before the judge). i wish they published the judge's name in this story. i sure would have liked to put it in this post. she or he made one hell of a LOUSY DECISION here.

and parents, why the f**k are you buying your kids bb guns in the first place? there is NO reason on this goddess' earth a kid or a teenager should HAVE a bb gun. NONE
(oh and mr hawke i'm very sorry this happened to you. both the shooting AND the guilty parties NOT being properly punished. shite, at the VERY LEAST the judge SHOULD HAVE sentenced ALL OF THEM to do things for you. wash your car, mow your lawn, do chores FOR A VERY LONG TIME. but nope, AN ESSAY)

Man shot in the eye expected harsher punishment for suspects

by News Channel 8's Jamie Muro
New Haven(WTNH) _ A Guilford man shot in the eye with a BB was ready to turn the other cheek until the punishment for the culprits came down. Jeff Hawke of Guilford was expecting a harsh punishment, but now he says he would at least like to sit down with the teenagers and ask them why they felt they needed to shoot at passing cars. Meanwhile, he continues to wonder if his left eye will ever get back to the way it once was.
"My vision is still blurry, I'm having a tough time driving," says Hawke.
Hawke never thought it would be driving that would lead to so many problems with his sight. Last month, North Branford Police arrested four teenagers atop a hill on Foxon Road who had opened fire on passing cars with automatic BB guns. ....


Jeff Hawke said...

Rose thanks for posting the story and your comments. Can you contact me I need to ask a favor of you.

Jeff Hawke

a rose is a rose said...

jeff, i have no idea how to contact you. my email is listed on the profile page of this blog. you can just privately write to me there