Wednesday, August 22, 2007

so does this mean if my name was pilar maria aureliana buendias

i would have to have PROOF of american citizenship BEFORE judge john downey would hear my case?

would he demand proof of my american citizenship BEFORE hearing my case if my name was suzie phelps?

i think we ALL know the answer
what i don't understand is WHY is he still being questioned. obviously he is NOT a fit for the position

Confirmation hearing continued for controversial judge

by Chief Capitol Correspondent Mark DavisPosted Aug. 21, 2007
Hartford (WTNH) _ The nominee for the state Appellate Court fielded questions this afternoon from state lawmakers during his confirmation hearing, but will be continued as lawmakers review new information.
Judge John Downey, 56, has been on the Superior Court bench for over six years and the things he has said on and off the bench are coming back to haunt him.......

....But Downey has bigger problems. In a court transcript of a wrongful death case from last year, Downey questions a lawyer:
DOWNEY: What was the person's name?LAWYER: Juan Ricardo Brito was the full name. DOWNEY: I presume he had all his documentation as to his being legal here in the U.S.?LAWYER: I believe so. That hasn't been raised as an issue by anyone. DOWNEY: Well, it might be an issue in Judge Downey's court because I believe that no one has a right to sue in the State of Connecticut court system unless they're authorized to sue. .............

..........Under questioning today, Downey said he was aware of the Supreme Court ruling and was just playing verbal intellectual tennis with the lawyer.
"It was just an intellectual position I took with another bright, able attorney to see what his response would be before we launched into the rest of the case.
But lawmakers on the committee say they have other transcripts from other trials. One divorce case Downey refused to hear because the couple did not have documentation of citizenship. ..........

he's trying to dance but guess what? downey NEVER paid the piper!

Nominee In Doubt
Apparent Discrepancy Stalls Downey's Confirmation

By MARK PAZNIOKAS Courant Staff Writer
The nomination of Judge John R. Downey to the Appellate Court stalled after legislators questioned whether Downey had misled them earlier Tuesday by downplaying a suggestion he made last year that illegal immigrants had no right to use the courts.The legislature's judiciary committee postponed action on Downey's confirmation after obtaining two transcripts in which the judge, in 2002, emphatically stated that illegal immigrants have no right to the state's civil courts. Legislators say he ignored case law and the state constitution.The transcripts raise questions about his truthfulness and his command of the constitution and the law, said the committee's Democratic co-chairmen, Sen. Andrew McDonald of Stamford and Rep. Michael P. Lawlor of East Haven............

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