Thursday, August 02, 2007

the thing is, i really don't see any great contrasts

between these vets. now or then. they're all heroes

thank you ALL for serving

War Talk Exposes Contrasts
New Vets Strangers To Older Vets' Trials

By JESSE HAMILTON Courant Staff Writer MIDDLETOWN - The distance between the gray-haired men in the audience and the young men at the head of the room was maybe 25 feet, but the gulf between their experiences of war was vast.Four men in their 20s sat before an audience in the rear of the Russell Library on Wednesday night, speaking the new language of war, the vocabulary of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. They came to relate their fresh war memories, to tell people what they saw and did, and how they felt.Two of those who came to listen were Vietnam veterans, and their comments exposed the great contrast between America's wars and what a difference three decades made. From Jack Coyle, who wore a Vietnam veteran's cap: Did you get enough food and water over there? What's the real morale level? In Vietnam, the firefights were less frequent than the troubles with disease and vermin; how was it this time? And what about post-traumatic stress disorder?........

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