Monday, July 30, 2007

yesterday was the second anniversay of the avon mountain crash

i've written about it several times. i travelled over that mountain for years and years. even on GOOD days, it was white knuckle driving. not so much if you were alone and no other cars were around you. it was when there WERE others on the road (which was 99.9% of the time). people are idiots. on your tail. even in snow and ice. they've taken steps to cut down on the idiocy. they've marked the road better. they've put up more signs. they have added police 'pull over areas'. it's STILL not pretty though.

my friend mark was in that accident. he was airlifted out. he doesn't remember anything about the accident at all. however, he is reconstructing it. he's talking to everyone he can that was involved. it's changed his life. not that he wasn't a good man before (he was), he just is a far better man now. he's writing a book. i was privileged to read the first four chapters. it's amazing. the amount of research he's put into it. the people he's talked to (including those that directly helped to save his life; a doctor on his way to work, someone who was working at avon old farms inn who heard the accident and rushed out. several firefighters and police and on and on) and the places he's been. oh, one more thing. all of the profits from the book are going to the families of those affected by this tragedy.

2nd anniversary of Avon Mountain crash

Sunday Marks 2-Year Anniversary Of Avon Crash

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