Thursday, August 02, 2007

i hope they catch the slime

who shot this seal. i hope the vets at mystic are able to rehab him as well. it doesn't look good for the eye, but if they can save him, that would be just grand!

MYSTIC, Conn. -- A harbor seal brought to Mystic Aquarium after stranding itself on a Bridgeport beach had been shot in the eye, aquarium officials said Wednesday.
The 5-foot, 212-pound male seal was found injured Tuesday on the beach at Seaside Park, and was brought to the aquarium, which handles rescue and rehabilitation in Connecticut and Rhode Island.
"Through radiographs last night, a foreign object was found lodged behind the eye wound," said Cynthia Davis, a member of the aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Team.That object turned out to be a bullet.
"His left eye is not functional and at this time he has a poor prognosis for recovering his vision," veterinarian Cara Field said. "There's a great risk of infection occurring, so if he does well we may have to do surgery to remove the eye."
Surgeons then would be able to recover the bullet, and authorities can try to trace it back to whoever shot the seal..........


BRIDGEPORT — An injured harbor seal that lumbered onto the beach Tuesday at Seaside Park and languished there for an afternoon was suffering from a gunshot wound.
A gash above the seal's left eye, following a medical examination Wednesday, was determined to be a bullet lodged in the creature's head.
"This is a very unfortunate situation and we have notified the Bridgeport Police Department," said Tim Gray, spokesman for the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration.
Police Lt. James Viadero said officials here are awaiting information from the aquarium before proceeding with an investigation.
After leaving the water Tuesday afternoon, the 212-pound adult male had stretched out on the sand of West Beach for several hours. Dozens of beachgoers and spectators gathered around the beached seal, which resisted efforts to prod it back into Long Island Sound.
Specialists at Mystic were called to the scene to investigate the seal's then-unknown malady, and it was taken back to the aquarium's facilities in eastern Connecticut...........

picture: An adult harbor seal rolls in the sand on the beach at Seaside Park in Bridgeport on Tuesday. (Ned Gerard/Connecticut Post)
Destiny Rhodes, 7, and her cousin Jayquan Torres, 9, get a close look at an adult harbor seal that spent much of Tuesday afternoon on the beach at Seaside Park in Bridgeport. (Ned Gerard/Connecticut Post)

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