Tuesday, August 14, 2007

speaking of my new specks....

my eye doctor is in the center. i dreaded going BUT i did have to pick up my new glasses AND i had to stop at sit-n-knit on lasalle road. i needed a few more skeins of the BEAUTIFUL and SOFT natural focus ecologie cotton (100% pima dyed with plant dyes. the colors are subtle and gentle). i have enough for the edging, i needed three other colors for the flowers.

i'm making THIS:

for a friend of mine (wedding shower gift). the cover version is not made out of cotton, but i wanted to use it. each flower has a crystal sewn in the center. it's lovely. you make the edging first (which is the part i'm working on). then the individual flowers. they get sewn onto the edging (which has been folded in half and sewn in an oval)

i digress. i wanted to go down boulevard then take a right onto woodrow or four mile or whatever - then a right onto farmington ave so i wouldn't have to maneuver through the center itself. NOOOOOOOOOOO CONSTRUCTION corner of bouleavard and main. NO LIGHT four stop signs. it was UGLY. i get to the eye doctor (a sweatbomb i will say) and pick up my new specs. i'm not quite sure about them. i'm having an issue or two. i'll wear them a few days and see if i bond with them. anyway, i was going to leave my car in the doc's parking lot (shared with other bid-nez') but it was hot and i was cranky so i drove to lasalle. CONSTRUCTION farmington and lasalle. UGLY UGLY UGLY. the two GOOD parts were i found a parking spot RIGHT in front of sit-n-knit (thank the great parking spot goddess her own bad self) and of course sit-n-knit itself. i just LOVE LOVE LOVE that store! (barbara and richard got a new kitty too. her name is pearl)

anyway, i picked up a few more skeins, picked up some sock yarn (made out of corn) and a couple of other yarns i can't remember at this second. i DO have my eye on some incredible wool crepe from mountain colors. hand dyed and gorgeous. have to think about that though


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