Friday, August 17, 2007

cockfighting in bloomfield

thank the goddess animal control officer christine sparks HEARD the sounds of roosters crowing and investigated.

i'm only sorry this story does NOT have the name of the man who has the warrant out on him. i'd like to know it AND publish it. perhaps if this scum had part of his anatamy surgically removed and fake ones attached he'd learn his lesson

Police Raid Alleged Cockfighting Operation

By CAROLYN MOREAU The Hartford Courant
BLOOMFIELD - Police broke up what they described as a well-organized cockfighting operation in Bloomfield early Thursday morning, seizing 14 roosters and 17 hens.Some of the roosters had had their spurs surgically removed, their combs cut away, and feathers on their legs, rear ends and backs were shaved. Police said that fighting birds regularly have their spurs removed so that artificial metal spurs can be attached. Metal spurs cause more severe injuries in a cockfight and these injuries are more visible to spectators if the lower feathers are removed.Some of the roosters carried scars typically seen in fighting cocks, police said. Police entered the home at 10 Sandra Drive shortly after 6 a.m.. They'd obtained a search warrant after Bloomfield Animal Control Officer Christine Sparks heard the sound of roosters crowing while investigating an unrelated animal control problem on Sandra Drive...........

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