Friday, August 17, 2007


ryan riddle gets his benefits. WHICH of course are due him. being SHOT in iraq and all....

Southington vet to receive benefits

by News Channel 8's Alan Cohn

Southington (WTNH) _ The Veteran's Administration has reversed its initial decision to deny benefits to a soldier injured in Iraq.
For months, the VA stubbornly stuck to its decision that it could not find any evidence that Ryan Riddle was shot in Baghdad and deserved combat-related benefits.
Riddle received the call from VA's Director of Benefits and he could not be more relieved saying, "I thought it was about time. Thank God everything has been made right. It's a big relief off my shoulder, like someone came and picked up that boulder off my shoulder."
Riddle's military records were lost after he was discharged from the Army, and when he first applied for combat-related benefits, the VA told him for all they knew he was "shot on the streets of Hartford."................

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