Tuesday, June 05, 2007

who needs the sopranos?

we have mark colella! who, if you read the article is quite a piece of work (or a piece of steamin' you know what)

i wasn't going to post anything about deluca but this really isn't about him, it's about colella.

one always has to watch what one says, so i better stop now

Guilty Plea From DeLuca Senator Gets Suspended Sentence; In-Law Was Target Of Planned Threat


WATERBURY -- Chastened state Senate Minority Leader Louis DeLuca pleaded guilty to threatening Monday and was given a suspended sentenced after apologizing for asking an alleged mob associate to intervene in what DeLuca has called an abusive relationship between his granddaughter and her husband.Unexpectedly, the husband himself, Mark Colella, appeared minutes later and convened a bizarre press conference on the sidewalk outside. The 40-year-old Colella announced that he is "100 percent Sicilian" and not afraid of anyone, including Danbury garbage executive James Galante, who allegedly offered to have Colella slapped around to stop any abuse.

"Do I look like I'm afraid of anyone?" the 5-foot-5 Colella asked, sounding as tough as is perhaps possible when surrounded by news microphones. "It would have been a mistake if anyone ever came to my house. As far as anyone going to see me - Mr. Galante or anyone else - just make sure they bring a lot of bullets."........

don't YOU just want to bitch slap him?

i have a gut feeling though, we may not have to worry about that.........


fuzzyturtle said...

wow.. are you CONDONING what Deluca did??? Are you saying this person DESERVES to have the crap beat out of him?

just wow. I'm not sure why Deluca didn't urge his granddaughter to PRESS CHARGES and LEAVE THE GUY and GET HELP instead of turning to a mobster to have him BEATEN UP (which is, btw... ILLEGAL. I'm pretty sure Deluca KNEW it was illegal, even though it sounds like he's a college dropout like Rell)

But I guess you don't see it that way. Maybe too much nutmeg?


just hope you don't have thugs banging on your door to break your legs. You may feel like talking trash about them afterwards too, if they get caught.

a rose is a rose said...

no no no

i am NOT condoning violence OR asking an alleged mobster to put the fear of god in someone.

what i was (attempting. i guess it was only an attempt because it sure appears i didn't actually convey my message) trying to do was point out what a dope i think this guy is (colella) in a HUMOROUS way.

(and it appears the granddaughter never pressed charges or even filed a complaint)