Friday, June 08, 2007

vile pieces of stinking scum

(of course that is IF the allegations are true......i think we know in our hearts if they are true or not)

this is just worse than we originally though.

if true (and you know i have to say IF because no one has been convicted yet) these people are THE WORST type of predators. there is no reform for them. there is no cure for them. hell, i don't even think there is penance for them.

more than one girl may have been abused over the years. what was mr gault's draw?

may the truth come out and may the young girl get some sort of normal life back

New Revelations In Discovery Of Missing Girl


Nearly two weeks before Danielle Cramer disappeared in June 2006, the man now charged with unlawfully keeping her from her family went to the Bloomfield police department to file a sexual abuse complaint against her brother's friend and to persuade state officials to remove her from the home.The attempt by Adam Gault to get police help in removing Cramer from her home is one of a number of startling details law enforcement sources have supplied to The Courant about a case that has gained national attention.....

..........Among Thursday's other revelations:• Gault rented commercial space in Bloomfield that police believe may have been a "flophouse" where he took Cramer and possibly other girls to have sex with and to videotape them. Police obtained from the building's landlord photos of Gault's space, where he kept a tripod, video equipment and mattresses. A second search warrant that police served on Wednesday was aimed at finding videotapes, photos or computer files in his Newington Road home.............

..........• Police found in Cramer's diary -- obtained from her mother -- details indicating a sexual relationship had started with Gault in November of 2005. Cramer had been working for Gault at his dog care business where he introduced her to drugs and alcohol before starting to have sex with her, police said........

....This was a child from troubled circumstances who found what she believed to be a friend," Blatter said. "You have a 14-year-old girl under the influence of a 40-year-old man. I'm not sure if her belief of the situation is accurate."Coppinger said a boy living in the house was the biological son of both Gault and Murphy. Coppinger said Cray was Gault's "girlfriend.""It's a very tangled web and it's going to take a lot of time and effort and investigation to come to an end with this," she said..........

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