Thursday, June 07, 2007

UPDATE: a friend of a friend of mine

(update 6/8: i ran into addy (and l) yesterday afternoon. she looked and felt GREAT (as did l)! man, she IS small though. i know her opponent will be in the same weight class but dang, she's small. i know she'll do JUST fine saturday night though)

is boxing on saturday night. even though i am strongly attracted to the sport, i also find it repulsive. yet, i've decided to go watch her fight. i want to support her. i've only met her a couple of times and i didn't really even know she boxed until dottie told me last night. so, what the hell, i think a few of us are going to go and cheer her on

i was the first born of three grrrls. my moms, my sisters and i and then there was pops. my mom has passed but popi turned 80 in april and he's still kicking ass! he JUST had his second hip replacement (he had the other hip done a year ago) and is still recovering but doing quite well.

i learned a great deal from my father. a strong work ethic is one thing. another thing is my love for the red sox. yup - i got it from him. one more thing i learned (poor pops living in a family of amazons) is you NEVER EVER EVER EVER flush tampax down the toilet. nope

that brings me to his overwhelming love of boxing. i never asked him, but i think it may be his favorite sport. i also learned to love it (yet as i said, i'm repelled too). i have a picture of willie pep up on my living room wall

Give Him Your Best Dawson Fighting His Way To Top

By TOM PULEO, Courant Staff Writer

.............Irizarry Gets Noticed

One of the more intriguing names on the card is Addy Irizarry (0-1) of West Hartford, who will fight Tiffany Lucas (0-1) of Wilson, N.C., in a four-round junior welterweight bout.Irizarry, 36, has hung around at area boxing gyms for a decade. But a chance meeting with Hartford's Pito Cardona put her on the path to her first professional fight April 6 at Mohegan Sun. Though she lost, Irizarry showed enough promise and drawing power to land on the Convention Center card.Irizarry is one of the few female professional boxers in New England. She has been impressive enough in workouts to line up manager Bret Hallenbeck and promoter Jimmy Burchfield.Irizarry, a state prison guard who grew up in Brooklyn, hopes to make a second career out of boxing."I've got like a bad attitude," she said. "I switch like a light."....................

so it's SATURDAY JUNE 9TH at the connecticut convention center in downtown (riverfront) hartford

tickets are $35.00 to $500.00 (NO i'm NOT spending $500!!!)

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