Thursday, February 15, 2007

update on the baker's dozen

STILL no arrests but THIS is wicked interesting. by the way, it never even occurred to me the baker's dozen got attacked for singing the star spangled banner. it NEVER occurred to me they were attacked by "leftist hippies". as a matter of fact, just the opposite.

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Semper Fi Hannity

Last month the wingnuts were outraged when the Baker's Dozen a Yale singing group was attacked in San Fransisco. Though there were reports that this may have been a case of gay bashing the wingnuts seized on another aspect. Wingnut blogger Gateway Pundit had a post title that says it all...Yale Group Gets Beaten for Performing "Star Spangled Banner."
More jumped on the band wagon giving insights such as this from
The Bullwinkle Blog...
The ever-tolerant left of Pelosiville attacked a group of college students for singing the Star-Spangled Banner...........

SFGate reports that "as many as three U.S. Marines were involved" in the alleged attack. There have been no arrests in the matter so the attorney for the victims has written the Marine Corps who do not appear to have been all that helpful thus far......
In the letter, Hammer said the Marine he identified was also involved in the attack on Aziz, who was "brutally punched in the face after he had turned to walk away'' from a group of men. One doctor observed that Aziz's jaw was broken "by a trained fighter or someone using a deadly weapon.''
The Marine, according to the letter, used a cellular phone to photograph "the wounds to the knuckles of his fellow attackers and proceeded to attempt to destroy evidence in an effort to cover up his involvement and escape prosecution.'' ...........

once again i am left wondering WHY NO ARRESTS YET???????????

if i kicked and hit and beat the crap out of someone AND they had my van on tape coming to the scene AND they had TONS of witnesses saying i beat the crap out of someone AND they had me on TAPE beating the crap out of you think i'd NOT be arrested SIX WEEKS AFTER THE VIOLENT ATTACK? you bet my big fat butt would be in the slammer right now!

LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL? hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yale Families Demand Action From Marines
Choir Group Assaulted In S.F.
By Dan Noyes

Feb. 12 - KGO - He was the victim of a New Year's attack in San Francisco, and now his family's being asked to pay. Their first official contact with the city was a bill for the ambulance. That bill, quite literally, added insult to injury. The parents of the Yale singing group, beaten up over New Year's, believe the D.A.'s office has all the evidence needed to file charges. And they're upset nothing has come of the case so far.
It's now been six weeks since the beating of The Baker's Dozen and the first official word the families get from the city is a bill.
Paramedics rushed 18-year-old Sharyar Aziz to the hospital over New Year's after he was knocked to the ground, punched and kicked by several assailants. His jaw was broken in two places. ......

AND get this.....(if i were in charge HEADS WOULD ROLL ) this is JUST un effing believable
Exclusive: D.A. Discusses Choir Assault Case
By Dan Noyes
......District Attorney Kamala Harris may be frustrated at the pace of the police investigation into the Yale choir beating that resulted in black eyes, sprained ankles, a serious concussion and a jaw broken in two places, but apparently not enough to assign a deputy district attorney and investigator to the case.
ABC7's Dan Noyes: "Have you assigned an inspector to this case?"
Kamala Harris: "No, we're not investigating this case. It's being investigated by the police department." .........

............Jim Hammer: "Several times they thought there was enough evidence to arrest some of those responsible and that each time the D.A. has rebuffed them."
Dan Noyes: "They haven't come to your office for warrants?"
Kamala Harris: "Arrest warrants or search warrants?"
Dan Noyes: "Arrest warrants."
Kamala Harris: "No, not to my knowledge."
There is no denying that the D.A.'s office made an unusual request last weekend to the father of a Yale student who was knocked to the ground, punched and kicked by several assailants, causing a serious concussion. They asked the parent to send a four-page letter, outlining the evidence and the reasons why the prosecutors should file charges.
Dean Johnson, ABC7 Legal Analyst: "I personally think that's outrageous and I have never in 20 years as a prosecutor heard of such a thing." ..........


Connecticut Man 1 said...

This could take a while as far as the marines are concerned. Usual procedure is that they get charged under the UCMJ first. And that is a slow process. The interesting thing about that is that it does not qualify for "double-jeopardy" status, and so after someone serves time or is punished under the UCMJ they can still be punished under the jurisdiction of regular courts.

A soldier did some serious crimes when I was stationed at Ft. Drum. It took a while for Jag to finally get him charged, prosecuted and sentenced. The guy got something like 8 years hard time from the military and will be dishonarably discharged, after which he will begin serving time sentenced through the federal court systems for which he was tried AFTER the military served him justice. (Yep, this guy did some serious crimes and got even longer from the feds!)

They may be slow to act, but when there is a serious crime they usually do. Six weeks? Give it another couple of months with how slow JAG usually operates. Then, after the military has done what they do you will, likely, see the DA act.

That is, if they aren't stalling on purpose, but that is not likely just because of six weeks time. JAG just doen't move as fast as regular justice.

a rose is a rose said...

well i learned something new - so thanks!

i now understand about the marine (or three marines as some articles state). however, there were more than just a marine or two who (allegedly) attacked the baker's dozen. why haven't THEY been arrested?


let's say i'm a marine and i rob a grocery store. let's say as i'm leaving the store, i run right into a police officer. would she/he not be able to arrest me right there and then?