Saturday, February 17, 2007

hartford sidewalks (AND streets)

hey eddie perez, you're king of hartford, why don't you make sure the sidewalks AND streets are cleared and plowed like they are supposed to be. stop worrying about how much press you can get and make sure your streets are SAFE for all

i am livid because coincidentally i had an experience yesterday.

i was minding my own bid-nez (as i am apt to do) and outside an establishment in hartford smoking. i only had a light wrap on and it was FRIGID. i saw a blind man trying to get over a snow bank to cross farmington avenue. i knew there was no open path at the cross walk because i had to cross over the very same spot myself. i had to do that because there was NO available parking on the street where i usually park due to the fact the streets were COVERED with snow. IF there are cars on hartford streets during a parking ban (such as there was on wednesday) the cars are SUPPOSED TO BE TOWED so the streets can be properly plowed. go down any of the little side streets in hartford (especially around farmington avenue). there are still cars that are parked where they were during the storm. they didn't get towed much less ticketed. the driving is treacherous. there are schools around the area and when a school bus attempts to go down these streets, well you can't even imagine. it really IS horrid. anyway, i had to park elsewhere and walk over to my destination. there NO paths to get through at cross walks so i had to maneuver very carefully to get over the snow and cross that street. once i crossed, the sidewalk i got to was almost unwalkable. the walks belonged to a business.

anyway, i saw this blind man trying to cross over farmington avenue. a woman and her young child guided him to a place he could cross. i watched him as he crossed the busy street. cars weren't slowing down. finally one car DID stop and he successfully got to the other side ONLY TO FIND NO WHERE TO GET OVER THE BANK ON THAT SIDE. (i should say i don't know this man but i have often seen him crossing the street at the very same spot. he has NO problems. he knows when the lights change and i've never seen him coming close to getting hit). i dashed down (in my light wrap with the frigid temperatures) and yelled out, 'do you need help'? i offered him my arm and helped him get over the bank. i asked where he was going and he told me the next side street over. i looked down the sidewalk and said, 'oh SHIT'. i told him i was going to have to walk him because there was NO WAY he could do it on his own. there was a tramped down path for ONE PERSON of SOLID ICE. it was NOT shoveled, it was tamped down into a solid ice mass. NOT smooth mind you but wicked bumpy. it was only a few inches wide too. i fell. i fell BEFORE i even took the first step with him. that sidewalk as i mentioned belonged to a business. KING PEREZ, WHY DIDN'T THAT BUSINESS SHOVEL THEIR WALKS ADEQUATELY AND BY THE LAW?

i got him down to the side street after what seemed like forever. i was frozen solid and i still had to turn around and make it all the way back to from whence i had come.

i was going to write to king perez to complain about the streets and the sidewalks, but now, this will do

Icy sidewalks are a hazard for pedestrians

by News Channel 8's Bob Wilson

(Hartford-WTNH) _ Connecticut got a big dose of snow and ice this week making for some slippery situations. Hospitals around the state are reporting more emergency room visits because of nasty falls on the ice.
Jane D'Manno was out walking her dog on the slippery sidewalks in Hartford Friday evening and was one of the dozens slip and fall victims around the Hartford area. She fell on the ice before because it is too thick for her to shovel................

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