Wednesday, February 14, 2007

i have my fingers crossed on this one

i DO hope our state legislature passes SOMETHING like this for the elderly. my pops will be 80 shortly. he's on a fixed income. the west hartford taxes are OUTRAGEOUS (thank you blue back square - you steamin' hunk of crap), he heats his home with oil, THOSE bills are outrageous. one day i went over, he had changed every single light bulb in his home to those squiggly (they look like a dairy queen ice cream) energy saver ones.

Proposals to help low-income seniors gaining steam at Capitol

(Hartford-AP) _ Dozens of measures are being considered at the state Capitol to offer tax relief to Connecticut's low-income senior citizens.
Several seniors and advocates for elderly residents lobbied the General Assembly today.
They wanted to express their concerns about energy prices, tax increases and other strains on their incomes that are fixed by pensions and investments.
Some proposals would freeze the local tax amounts that low-income seniors pay. ...........

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