Monday, February 19, 2007

thank you shawn and jen and al

on sunday, the half door had it's christmas party at peppercorn's grill on main street in hartford. the wines and liquors were beyond excellent (i had some homemade lemoncello - wow!!!) . the food was beyond excellent (you ordered WAY WAY WAY too much shawn). the service was beyond excellent. a GRAND time was had by all.

i'd like to thank all, especially shawn for inviting me and making me a part of the family.

the half door is indeed a special place. a place where neighborhood peeps can mingle with politicians. lawyers can mingle with students from law school. the elderly can mingle with the young. the staff goes out of their way to make one feel at home. that is why i like it so very much. it IS so comfortable to be there (and i do NOT feel comfortable many places)

the pictures (slideshow)

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