Wednesday, February 21, 2007

it really IS inhumane

the way ducks and geese are force fed so some of us can 'enjoy' foie gras. i am all for the ban. no one is going to live a less fullfilling life if they don't get any

(i'm not even going to start on veal)

Foie gras debate evokes passionate discussions


Chef/owner Etienne Menozzi of Saint Tropez Bistro Francais in Fairfield makes it look easy. A few moments on a hot pan, a deft flip and — voila! — perfectly seared duck foie gras. All that's left is to drizzle on a tarragon-port wine reduction sauce and add a tomato garnish.
OK. Nothing's that simple in French cuisine, and foie gras is getting, well, complicated — and not just because it takes a pro like Menozzi to keep it from melting like butter in the pan.
Although foie gras is available by request at Saint Tropez, this famous delicacy is no longer on the menu.
"The customers got mad because we used to sell it," said Menozzi, who has limited English and spoke through an interpreter. "Now the customers get mad because we don't sell it."..........

............Now the state may weigh in.
A bill before the Legislative Environment Committee would ban the sale of foie gras in Connecticut. The committee has scheduled a public hearing today at 10: 15 a.m. in Room 2E of the Legislative Office Building.
Similar bans have been enacted in the city of Chicago and the state of California, although the latter won't take effect until 2012. A New Jersey state lawmaker has proposed a similar ban, as has a New York City councilman.............

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