Friday, February 23, 2007

the meriden humane society needs our help

they are a NO KILL shelter.

Animal shelter in need

(Meriden-WTNH) _ The Meriden Humane Society has been known to help animals in desperate need, but now they are in need of help themselves.
The two-year old facility is one of the largest no-kill operations in the state, and they are now looking for $87,000 in donations over the next three months or they will be forced to shut down.
They say they underestimated the need in the community. Last year alone there were more than 200 cats abandoned on their doorstep.......

............The shelter is appealing to the public for help. Starting Friday the Meriden Humane Society will stay open for 48 hours for an adopt-a-thon marathon. ..............


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

There is an awesome little donation thing on their webpage, maybe you could post on your blog?

Also, Pedigree has a current campaign on their website - donate a 22 lb bag to the shelter of your choice, and Pedigree will match your donation. Total cost to you is $9.99, nop shipping charge and your purchase is tax deductable. Meriden Humane Society is one of the shelters you can select.

"What does your donation do? Every 22 lb. bag of PEDIGREE® Food for Dogs is enough to feed one shelter dog for over a month or 40 dogs for a day."