Monday, February 05, 2007

my favorite hat of the bunch

my favorite hat
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my hats are FINALLY done (click for the slide show)
i knitted hats for my department. unfortunately, i just didn't get them done for december. they were all knit. i just had to weave in the ends (and there were a LOT of 'em) and add the embellishments.
i've passed them out (anonymously). here is the letter that accompanied the hats (to my co-workers by the way)

Dear …………………………..

Due to the mild December temperatures, there was an ugly incident at the North Pole this year.

A rabid swarm of vicious North Pole bees attacked an unwary Santa Claus causing him to go into anaphylactic shock. Now I’m only telling you this because there IS now some good news to share. Santa is well on his way to recovery. He was hospitalized for a week and then I took him home to nurse him. He did loose some weight, but not to worry, I’ll have him roly and poly by this upcoming December! It’s a good thing Santa does like his figgy puddings and roast beasts!

I know each and every one of you was a good boy and girl last year. Santa, being gravely ill could not make all of the deliveries he was supposed to. Now that he is conscious and back in his right mind, he has asked me to deliver these little hats to all of you. Remember, it’s the THOUGHT THAT COUNTS!

They are all made out of wool. Some all wool, some have wool and other blends. If you are allergic, Santa and I most sincerely apologize. (We did know ONE of you was allergic so no hat for you. You got a cotton scarf instead). If they are too big or too small we most sincerely apologize as well. We did our best under these trying circumstances.

With all of our love,

Mrs (Minerva) Claus and Santa

P.S. We would not be opposed if anyone wanted to trade hats with someone else.

*e’s hat hasn’t been dropped off at her house yet. Since Santa is STILL recovering, we have both decided to mail it instead of having him drop it off

**a will have her scarf (Santa was told A was allergic to wool) dropped off upon her return to work

***d will have her hat upon her return


Anonymous said...

The hats are gorgeous and so original...just like you. I love the embellishments. Hey, maybe you outta knit one for the bumper of your car, just in case someone smashes into it while tryin' to parallel park.

a rose is a rose said...

wow, what a WONDERFUL idea. i'll knit up a bumper guard for lil' green!

too funny