Friday, February 09, 2007

gonzo is right

that man should be FORBIDDEN from owning ANY animals EVER again, INCLUDING A GOLDFISH

in the articles in the papers yesterday ALL he could talk about was being compensated for his EXPENSIVE dogs. he didn't have a CARE in the world about the conditions they were experiencing. NOT A CARE. not only shouldn't he be compensated, he should be FINED

perhaps having gonzo live in a stacked cage in 20 degree weather with inadequate food and water would show him the light (then again, perhaps not)

Seized pit bulls treated, authorities consider charges

by News Channel 8's Kent Pierce Posted Feb. 8, 20076:35 PM
(East Haven-WTNH) _ Dozens of pit bulls found crated in a cold outdoor shed are now getting the care they need, and authorities are looking at what kind of charges the dogs owner will face.
Some of the 37 dogs seized enjoyed freedom for the first time since animal control officers took them out of tiny cages in a shed behind an East Haven home Wednesday afternoon.
"For lack of a better word, I would say they're almost in shell-shock," animal control officer Owen Little said. "Some of them are backing up into corners. They're not used to being out of the cages or out of crates."
The dogs belong to Gonzo Montedeoca. Yesterday he told News Channel 8 the dogs were a "hobby". "Why do people collect cars? Why do people collect airplanes," he said.
But dogs need more care and animal control officers took a thermometer into the shed where the dogs were kept. ...........

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