Monday, February 05, 2007

man i love this woman more and more: Helen Ubiñas

with each column i read. this of course is one of her best. i am NOT a big ol' fan of (as she calls him) el jefe. mayor perez thinks he's the king of hartford, appointing and annointing himself to all SORTS of positions. when he thinks he can get press coverage on a story, well then, he pastes on that fake smile and steps over the edge. he's the al sharpton of hartford

Mayor's Blunders And Bluster

Helen Ubiñas

What do you do when you screw up to the tune of millions of dollars? If you're El Jefe, you throw a tantrum and pass the buck.Not that hissy fits are anything new for Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez. He threw one in April when he thought the legislature was moving too slowly on a plan to ease the property tax burden on city homeowners. And, again, two months later when he took a carefully orchestrated walk to the Capitol to complain about the governor not cooperating in the fight to stop gun violence. But Pouty Perez outdid himself last week when Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said the mayor's plan to build a school at the intersection of bad idea and bad idea - also known as Broad and Farmington - was, well, a bad idea.Perez wasted no time in gathering folks at the site Thursday and portraying the decision as everything except what it was - his screw-up............

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