Thursday, December 07, 2006

welcome back!!!

to all of the sailors on the uss albuquerque

Family members cheer for the USS Albuquerque's return

(Groton-WTNH, Dec. 6, 2006 5:20 PM) _ After 6 months in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom sailors aboard the USS Albuquerque are back in Connecticut.
The submarine made its way back to the harbor.
by News Channel 8's Sara Welch
It's a beautiful thing to see these families reunited after being away for so long. It was windy and cold out at the subbase this afternoon.
This holiday homecoming warmed the heart.
"When is he going to be here?" asks a little boy in the crowd.
He was among the crowd waiting anxiously for the return of the their loved ones aboard the USS Albuquerque, as it made it way back to Groton..............

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