Saturday, December 16, 2006

soy sauce???

i wish i had heard of this sooner. aloe DOES work, but i didn't have any on that fateful night last week.

i made a christmas tree for my department and another one for my boss' new son. yes, i use a glue gun. YES i know i'm NOT allowed to use a glue gun. (blogger is NOT letting me post the pictures. if i remember, i'll try again later)

the glue gun dripped and i didn't realize it dripped on my jeans. i accidently put my hand on my pants and my right hand was covered in molten glue. i had NOTHING in my house (which is unusual for me) to help. my fingers blistered horribly but there was no pain after the initial contact. no pain that is until a couple of days ago. the blisters popped a while ago, but just two days ago my skin under the blisters cracked. i have some nasty HURTING wounds.

More Testimony For Soy Sauce As Burn Treatment

By JOE GRAEDON and TERESA GRAEDON December 15 2006

Q: I listened to your public-radio show and heard a man call in recommending soy sauce for burns. "How weird is that?" I thought. But then, as I took a loaf of bread out of the oven, the inner edge of my thumb and the fleshy pad underneath hit the metal rim of the pan. I expected a painful burn. Since I had nothing else at hand, I decided to try the soy-sauce remedy.The pain eased up in less than a minute; the soreness did not materialize; and even the redness went away! It may be weird, but it certainly did work!A: We wish we knew why this home remedy works, but we have heard from several people that it does, including an Army Ranger who told us that U.S. Special Forces medics also used soy sauce for combat-related burns............


Fuzzy Turtle said...

why are you not allowed to use a glue gun? they can be pretty awful though.. been there! hope you heal quickly. And how funny, I just bought some soy sauce (I made broccoli with garlic sauce the other night...)

a rose is a rose said...

everyone that knows me got together and passed a law that i'm not allowed to have a glue gun.

not because i can't use it creatively. it's because i ALWAYS cause some sort of trauma to myself.

blogger still won't let me publish the pictures of the little trees. i'll try again TOMORROW from another computer

mmmmm i LOVE broccoli

Anonymous said...

soy sauce is an old chinese remedy for burns. not sure why it works, but am really glad it does!

a rose is a rose said...

i hope i don't have to find out soon if it works or not, but knowing me I WILL