Saturday, December 16, 2006

faith for 22

i don't live next door to faith. i did grow up a street or two away. the houses on her street are fairly LARGE. i'm sure there is PLENTY of room for faith AND her hounds from hell. if they're quiet and faith keeps the yard clean, i wouldn't have a problem with her having 22 of 'em

Dog Owner Will Appeal Ordinance

By GREG SEAY The Hartford Courant December 15 2006, 3:00 PM EST WEST HARTFORD ­– -- The owner of 22 Shih Tzu dogs said today she has no plans to part with members of her "family'' and has lodged an appeal of the town's efforts to force her to have no more than three of the animals."I want my dogs till they die,'' dog owner Faith Kilburn said. "I love them. They love me.''.........

Faith Kilburn opens the backdoor of her West Hartford home to let in 6 of her 22 Shih Tzus dogs after taking a walk around the backyard. (JOHN WOIKE)

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