Thursday, December 14, 2006

i for one think it's about time

they installed cameras on avon mountain. i for one can live with the registered owner getting a ticket even if they are not the ones driving. it's a dangerous stretch of road and any and everything should be done to make it safer. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

New Cameras Could Catch Speeders On Avon Mountain

A new proposal includes installing cameras to catch speeders on Avon Mountain.
Slowing down speeders on Avon Mountain has been a top priority for police ever since a dump truck lost control last year and caused a fiery crash that killed four people.
The cameras would track speeders with special cameras. It's one of several safety improvements that was proposed after last year's tragedy.

The new cameras would work by snapping a picture of someone's license plate. That information would identify the car’s owner, and he or she would get a ticket in the mail.
It's sounds simple, but not everyone's smiling for the cameras, including members of Avon's Town Council.
One of the issues, said town manager Phil Schenck, is that registered owners will get speeding tickets even if they're not the ones caught on camera. That's currently illegal In Connecticut.........

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Fuzzy Turtle said...

I'll be curious to see how this works out, if people will challenge the tickets... keep the virtual us in BloggerLand posted!

Fuzzy Turtle said...

wow.. not so short story long.. I try and power walk every day, so today I grabbed my walking poles *dorky I know* and took off for my usual 3.5 mile trek (I'm down to 45(best)-50 minutes). I pass a house thats older, not so far from the road (as older houses can be). I've never seen anyone in the yard, but I walk during the day and I just started doing this a month ago..

someone hit the house. The fence was knocked down, the pacasandra was flattened.. and the side gutter was knocked down.

Some IDIOT was speeding and HIT THE HOUSE. Luckily they just nicked the side, I don't think there was sturctural damage.. but SOMEONE HIT THE HOUSE. There was something that looked like a car part in the yard.

I asked two people I saw as I was walking, and one thought she heard sirens this morning about 2am in that area.. but no one knew. Neither had seen the damage.

People speed like FIENDS on this road.. just last year two guys died when they were speeding (later toxicology reports showed they were either drunk or on drugs, I forget, and it was a 'borrowed' car. This was just YARDS away from the crash site I saw today.

*sigh* Let me know if you hear more on Avon Mountain. I hope things turn for the better there.

a rose is a rose said...

well i don't know if they are going to do it or not (the cameras that is)

coincidentially, i went over avon mountain yesterday. i did some christmas shopping. (i went to westfarms mall on wednesday and THAT was a mistake). there were a bunch of construction vehicles ON the mountain but i couldn't see that they were doing anything.

i will keep you posted. i'm out again that way next week.

i miss working in avon but i sure don't miss driving there.

those two kids (in your link) were SO young. what a tragedy.