Wednesday, November 08, 2006

well there's good news

and there's bad news.

i'm very happy about some of our connecticut election results and saddened (da liebs. it's such a HUGE mistake) - (and shocked in the case of shays) by other results.

nationally, it appears the democrats DO have control of the house at the very least. they damn well better make us proud


Fuzzy Turtle said...

the senate looks really close.. and we in the Fightin' Fifth got rid of that vermin Nancy Johnson. But Chris "Sex is Torture" Shays... ? WTF???

I did a little canvassing for Murphy... and I was at the local voting location with a Murphy and Lamont sign. It was packed, but I'm still confused about the popularity of Rell (she's a dolt) and the whole Liebs thing.

Change takes time.. next time around will be better.

a rose is a rose said...

i am more shocked about shays than da liebs. i truely am. he's a pile. (by the way i wrote to him as soon as i found out he visited darfur and i never got an answer). he or someone from his office DID visit my (connecticut) blog just the other day. wonder why?

i am still happy about the other wins. i was sick about ned losing. i mean that LITERALLY. i cannot understand how anyone could vote for da liebs, but look at some (very few i must say) who won.

enigma4ever said...

as of tonight we got the House and the Senate....definetly a Holy Shit moment...pinch me- this must not be

a rose is a rose said...

it really WAS a good day yesterday. i was sitting at the half door yesterday afternoon. one channel is usually always on the news. whenever they broke in (the sound is off so it's closed captioned, music plays from the juke box, which by the way is free) with the rum-meisters resignation/firing i was almost in tears (of joy).