Thursday, November 09, 2006

the first annual hartford film fest

i read about it the other day. the one thing that struck me is; ONE OF THE CINEMAS FEATURED IN THIS FEST IS; THE ART CINEMA (in the south end of hartford). if you're not familiar with the 'art' cinema it's one of the LAST REMAINING PORNO theaters in america. if you happen to venture there please DO stop in one of the italian bakeries OR restaurants. most all of them are unbelievable. oh and there's franklin giant grinders too. i could go for a pignoli cookie right about now with my steamin' cup o' joe. ah, the d&d market with all of their wonderful selections and smells. fond memories of the south end. as a child my parents would take my sisters and me to get lemon ice on those hot summer nights. every birthday i would have a rum cake (when i was 9 we moved from hartford to west hartford. i remember my 10th birthday, i got to invite all the grrrls in my class to my party. we had the rum cake. NOT ONE o' those grrrls took more than one bite of their cake. i was appalled. what FOOLS!!!)

Hartford Hosts Its First Film Fest

By SUSAN DUNNE Courant Staff Writer November 8 2006
The organizers of the first Hartford International Film Festival, which runs Thursday through Sunday, have big plans. They want to start an annual tradition, reach out to the community and offer films that Hartford-area filmgoers might otherwise never see.On top of all that, they want to make an honest woman of the Art Cinema."What an amazing theater it is! Although it was quite surreal to have a conversation about the festival while women were moaning in the background and men wandered in and out," Helder Mira, festival co-director, said of the Art.The 87-year-old landmark at 255 Franklin Ave. started out in 1919 as a mainstream theater and later morphed into an art-house cinema, but it now shows X-rated films almost exclusively. (Very infrequently it has shown Bollywood films, at the request of the local Indian community.)Tara Parrish, the driving force behind the four-day festival, said she made it her mission to get the Art involved."I pass it every day. I said, `I'm going to get the Art Cinema. That's going to be my thing,'" she said. "The owner was very eager. He really hasn't been asked for a long time to do anything other than what he usually does.".............

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hartford's south end
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while we're in the south end, we can't forget modern pastry either!!!

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