Monday, November 06, 2006

we MUST get out of iraq now

and da liebs AIN'T gonna do it. he's sticking right by king george on this immoral unjust war based upon lies. 2,831 (went up two since saturday) of our men and women have died. if i were religions, i'd say THAT WAS A SING. that's why i'm voting for ned lamont. he may be inexperienced, but there is only one way to get that experience. DO THE JOB.

Lamont presses anti-war pitch in final stretch

By Andrew Miga, Associated Press Writer November 4, 2006
HARTFORD, Conn. --For Ned Lamont, Iraq is front and center. Again.
Trailing Sen. Joe Lieberman with just a few days left, Lamont has returned to the powerful anti-war message that energized Democrats and vaulted him past Lieberman in last August's primary.
"Joe Lieberman was cheering on this president every step of the way in one of the worst foreign policy decisions we've made in a generation," Lamont said during a campaign stop Saturday in Waterbury.
One of Lamont's final TV ads ends with a pitch to voters that frames their choice in blunt terms: "A vote for Joe Lieberman is a vote for more war."
Lieberman complained Friday that it was "reprehensible" to equate a vote for him with more war.
Some analysts warn it could too little, too late for the politically inexperienced Lamont, who is fighting a seasoned 18-year incumbent who just six years ago was his party's vice presidential choice.
"This is a one-issue election," said Ken Dautrich, a University of Connecticut public policy professor. "What people care about is the war and the failed policies of President Bush. This is a campaign where it's enough to be a one-issue candidate. Just look at the headlines every day out of Iraq."........

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