Wednesday, November 22, 2006

they're whippin' 'em out at bradley international airport

in my home state! i am SO disturbed by this. NOT by the breastfeeding but by people ANYONE, even if it's ONLY ONE PERSON, thinking it's 'disgusting' or 'unnatural' OR the worst, 'SEXUAL'. to the women out there who breastfeed, i've got your back sista grrrlfrens. (not judging those who DO NOT breastfeed. i'm just saying anyone should be 'allowed' to breastfeed anywhere one is 'allowed' to take a baby)

Breast-feeding moms hold protest against Delta

Windsor Locks-WTNH, Nov. 21, 2006 Updated 12:32 PM) _ Nursing mothers are showing their support for one another in airports across the country. Their so-called "nurse-in" is in response to what they call intolerance by Delta Airlines.
by News Channel 8's Jodi Latina
Within eyesight of the Delta ticket counter at Bradley International Airport Kristy Levesque of Groton nurses her two month old daughter Naomi.
"My heart just broke for her. I just put myself in her shoes and was like, oh my gosh, what would I do if that was me," she said.
Levesque is talking about a recent incident aboard a Delta Connection commuter flight from Vermont to New York. Emily Gillette, 27, a breast feeding mom just like her, was asked to cover up or get off the plane. Gillette refused and, baby in tow, was taken off the plane.
"I was really disturbed," Levesque said.
So Levesque and six other moms joined forces today to publicly hold a nurse-in near the Delta terminal. Lactating moms at a dozen airports around the country also joined in protest.
"I'm not gonna stand up here and take off my shirt. It's about feeding my baby," Susan Parker of Glastonbury said while holding her ten month old Anna.........

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Fuzzy Turtle said...

I just think this is the oddest thing to get all militant about.. maybe because i'm not a breeder. I have a couple of friends who have kids and breastfed (my sister is amoung them) and they'd always find a quiet corner and a blanket. It doesn't seem to be just about feeding, its about bonding with the kid-person.

For some of these mommies, it's all about some sort of cause. And I think thats just wrong. The woman on the plane wasn't told she couldn't breastfeed, she was just asked to cover up. I don't think a little courtesy is unreasonable.. in fact, if she's raising the kid to say screw you to other people, that kids gonna have a LOT of problems dealing in the real world. Life is about compromises, and this is NOT a big deal.

IMHO, of course.

a rose is a rose said...

while i agree some mommies can be fierce about breastfeeding, i must respectfully disagree with you in general.

in no way shape or form is breastfeeding (even when it's being done by an ass, so to speak) disgusting or something to be embarrassed by.

if mom and baby are out running errands or flying or on a train or wherever, mom should feel free to feed that child

i'm NOT a mom, i'm NOT even all that fond of (most) kids. what i am though is a woman and i know why i have breasts. it's NOT for the benefit of someone to gawk at. it's to feed my kids (if i had any that is)

Fuzzy Turtle said...

yes, but to use a blanket to cover up, is that so much to ask? You don't have to whip them out in the open for your child AND all the world to see.

Sorry, but there's a war going on, so many of the poor can't afford healthcare in this country, there are acts of genocide taking place.. there's alot wrong with the world. This is not something I understand people getting all worked up about.

a rose is a rose said...

well we're never going to agree on this one i guess. my point IS it should be no big deal. my point is a woman shouldn't HAVE to toss a blanket over herself and her baby when nursing. i have never in all of my life seen a breast of a nursing mother, in it's entirety. women are very careful of being discreet as emily gillette claims to have been. when we sex-a-tize our breasts like this, it just makes us feel dirty all over AND WE NEVER SHOULD