Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i'm not quite sure

where this dude (da liebs chose) is coming from. i know i ain't gonna trust no day-um one who was a (former) spokesperson for a conservative christian organization (even though he is jewish. odd, no?)

Lieberman hires former Christian Coalition spokesman as new communications director

Filed by Brian Beutler and Ron Brynaert
Two weeks after winning reelection as an independent due to losing Connecticut's Democratic primary, Joe Lieberman has hired a former spokesman for the Christian Coalition as his new communications director, RAW STORY has learned. The new hiree also formerly served as a senior fellow at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), a legislative director for the conservative Heritage Foundation, and as communications director to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).
Fifty-two year old political pundit and activist Marshall Wittmann is very popular with Washington journalists because he often "gives good quote," according to a Washington Post profile from earlier this year.
"He's been a Trotskyite, a union organizer, a lobbyist, a government bureaucrat, a think tank cogitator, an aide to Sen. John McCain and -- despite the fact that he's Jewish -- the official spokesman for the Christian Coalition," Peter Carlson wrote for the Post. "Which raises a perplexing question: Why the hell would anybody listen to the political thoughts of a guy knuckleheaded enough to get mixed up in movements formed by both Leon Trotsky and Pat Robertson?"
Wittmann explained at the time that he may possess "an extra contrarian gene

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