Tuesday, November 21, 2006

made a quick stop at

sit-n-knit sunday.

got more stash (not that i need it). i'm obsessed with knitting hats for my department (for holiday gifts). they're quick AND easy! i have to make about 30 of them (for the department alone). the only problem is; i bring my knitting with me everywhere and people just keep asking me for hats so i have to add them to the list. they'll have to go to the BACK of the list now (cathy and lk excluded. they're in the front.)

(some: nashua ivy, rowan tweed, noro kureyon, suss fantasy, candia, impressions, sheep one, malabrigo and some great adarondiak caribou sock)

here's a couple i've completed. well completed the KNIT part that is. they need to be blocked (yeah, right like that's going to happen) and have the ends woven in (you can't really see all the yarn streamers, they're all tucked inside the hats. i have a habit of leaving WICKED LONG TAILS).


jodi said...

They are gorgeous!! Wish I were on your list.

Fuzzy Turtle said...

ah...much knitty goodness! I have to pick up the old needles again, it's been too long!

a rose is a rose said...

jodi, thanks so much for your lovely words!

f t, it is (knitting) so zen for me. i can't tell you how centered it has made me. i stopped for a LONG time, but picked up the old needles again a few years back. i'm not sorry (except for the amount of money i spend on yarn)