Monday, October 02, 2006

reminder-please have a mammogram

AND in addition examine your breasts at least once a month. i had my mammo last friday (it had been a while. i just forgot, but that is NO excuse).

and as a coincidence, i just ran across this little article

Women should regularly check their breasts for lumps

dpa German Press Agency Published: Sunday October 1, 2006
Munich, Germany- Women should regularly examine their breasts for lumps in addition to having checkups such as mammography screening by a gynaecologist. Monthly breast self-examinations could detect most malignant tumours early, according to the Munich-based Professional Association of Gynaecologists (BDF). Every woman should check her breasts each month beginning at about age 20. A gynaecologist can explain how to detect changes. The best time for a self-examination was during the first two weeks after the menstrual cycle started, when breast tissue was soft and generally not very sensitive to pressure. Signs of possible breast cancer are new lumps or thickening in a breast or armpit, puckering or dimpling in a breast or nipple, or an increase in the size of one breast. Other signs are changes in a breast's appearance when both arms are raised, a discharge from a nipple, or a sudden reddening of a breast or nipple................

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