Saturday, October 07, 2006

kevin minor is a man after my own heart

he asks the question we ALL should be asking. WHY DID DA LIEBS VOTE TO TEAR UP OUR CONSTITUTION

Lieberman Hit On Torture

Candidate Parries, Favors Tuition Relief For Higher Ed
By ELIZABETH HAMILTONCourant Staff Writer October 7 2006

Kevin Miner isn't affiliated with the Lamont campaign. In his own words, he's no plant.But Miner, who said he has voted for U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman in the past, showed up at his former school - Southern Connecticut State University - Friday afternoon with a question that could easily have been scripted by Lieberman's Democratic challenger, Ned Lamont. It turned out to be a question that others in the room shared."I want to know what the moral reasoning is for a man who went from being a Freedom Rider to being a torture apologist," Miner asked Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, as some in the crowd applauded. "I want to know how you justify that."It wasn't the only tough question Lieberman faced from the college crowd in New Haven Friday, where he had gone to announce his idea for making college more affordable. But he answered the question - and others - without apology."Obviously I don't accept your second description," Lieberman said, and then launched into a spirited defense of his recent vote on legislation governing the prosecution and interrogation of terror suspects. The approval by Congress of the detainee bill was considered a significant election-season victory for President Bush and the Republicans................

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