Friday, September 29, 2006

roses from john mattia

Amateur rose grower John Mattia created this hybrid, the Elizabeth Park Centennial Rose. (JOHN MATTIA)

wow, have you seen a prettier rose than this? it's lovely!!!

A Life Of Roses John Mattia Grows Them, Creates Them, Loves Them

By WILLIAM WEIR Courant Staff Writer September 28 2006

You've spent the last six months tending to your roses. Now that it's fall, what to do?For this, we turn to John Mattia. In his 42 years of growing roses, Mattia, 68, has won about every major national award that an amateur rose grower can win. Indeed, he's the only Connecticut resident to win the American Rose Society's top prizes. He's a founder of the Connecticut Rose Society and a former board member of Elizabeth Park -- for which he developed its own "centennial rose." Even Hollywood seeks his abundant knowledge on all things roses.Now that we've established his credentials, here are his autumn suggestions:1. Cut the roses back to about waist-length.2. Clean the fallen leaves and other debris around them.........

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